JAC Board Exam Date 2020 : Class 10 & 12 Time Table/Routine [Jharkhand Board]

JAC Board Exam Date 2020

Hi students! Are you appearing in Jharkhand Board Exam 2020? If yes, then this post will provide you “JAC Board Exam Date 2020 Class 10 & 12“.

I know, you are little scared about board exam about how will you pass. Don’t worry, I am here to tell you “Jharkhand Board Class 10 & 12 Exam Time Table” so that you have enough time to prepare well for your board exams.

One more thing I want’t to say here is that don’t take much tension, prepare for your exams with cool mind and appear in the examination. Trust me, your exam will be good.

Class 10 JAC Board Exam Date 2020

  • Exam Starts on 11th February, 2020
  • Exam Time Table : 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Last Exam Date : 28 February, 2020

Date Subject
11.02.2020 Commerce/Home Science
12.02.2020 Urdu/Bengali/Odiya
13.02.2020 Kharia/Khortha/Kurmali/
Nagpuri/Panch Pargania
14.02.2020 Arabic/Persian/Ho/
15.02.2020 Hindi Course A & B
17.02.2020 Social Science
18.02.2020 Music
20.02.2020 Mathematics
24.02.2020 Science
26.02.2020 English
28.02.2020 Sanskrit

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JAC Board 10th & 12th Exam Date

Class 12 JAC Board Exam Date 2020 [Intermediate]

  • Exam Starts on 11th February, 2020
  • Exam Time Table : 2:00 PM to 5:15 PM
  • Last Exam Date : 28th February, 2020

Date Subject Faculty
11.02.2020 Vocational I.A., I.Sc. & I.Com.
12.02.2020 Compulsory Core
Hindi ‘A’,
Hindi ‘B’ +
& English ‘A’
I.Sc. & I.Com.
13.02.2020 I.A.


Elective Language
Additional Language I.Sc. & I.Com.

Computer Science I.Sc. & I.Com.
Anthropology I.A.
17.02.2020 History I.A.


Geology I.Sc.
Psychology I.A.
19.02.2020 Economics I.Sc. & I.Com.
Philosophy I.A.
20.02.2020 Economics I.A.


Music I.A.
Physics I.Sc.
Accountancy I.Com.
24.02.2020 Mathematics/
I.A., I.Sc.
& I.Com

Entrepreneurship I.Com.
Political Science I.A.


Chemistry I.Sc.
Home Science I.A.


Business Studies I.Com.
Sociology I.A.
28.02.2020 Biology (Botany
Geography I.A.

Jharkhand Board Exam 2020 Instructions

  • In the JAC Board Annual Secondary and Intermediate Examination 2020, additional time of 15 minutes will be given for examining the question paper to free the examiners from the stress of the exam.
  • Because of this, there will be a bell at 9:45 AM for JAC Board Secondary Exam 2020, the candidates will go to their room. Question-cum answer books will be distributed.
  • For 15 minutes, the candidates will read the question paper and as soon as the bell starts again at 10:00 AM, the candidates will start writing the answer and the exam will end at 1:00 PM.
  • There will be a bell for JAC Board Intermediate Exam 2020 at 2:00 PM, the candidates will go to their room, question papers and answer books will be distributed.
  • The candidates will read the questions for 15 minutes and at 2:15 PM, the bell will start writing the answers to the questions and the exam will end at 5:15 PM.
  • The practical examination for secondary examinations will be taken by the concerned school three weeks before the JAC Board Exam Date 2020.

Conclusion: Jharkhand Board 10th & 12th Exam Routine

So, that’s the “JAC Board Exam Date 2020 for Class 10 & 12 Intermediate”. If you want to download its pdf version, then it’s given below.

If you have any doubt/query regarding Class 10 & 12 Jharkhand Board Exam Time Table/Routine, then feel free to comment it down. Also, if you want to get all the updates of Jharkhand Academic Council, then you can follow us; as JACBoard.com is the #1 Educational Portal for Jharkhand Board Exam Results, Syllabus & Study Material including Sample Papers, Previous Year Questions, Notes & Summary and other Jharkhand-centric educational information.

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