Jharkhand Board Class 7 NCERT Syllabus All Subjects [PDF]

JAC Board 7th Syllabus All Subjects

JAC Board Class 7 NCERT Syllabus Science, Maths, Social Science, English, Hindi & Sanskrit 

Hi Students! If you are looking for JAC Board 7th Syllabus 2020, then you are at the right page. This is the All Subjects Jharkhand Board Class 7 NCERT Syllabus for Science, Maths, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

You might be knowing that Jharkhand Academic Council, JAC Board runs according to NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). So, the ‘Full Syllabus of Class 7‘ which I am going to tell you here is designed by NCERT. Also, you can check out my previous article JAC Board 8th Syllabus and 9th Syllabus.

If you need, then you can also Download PDF of JAC Board 7th Syllabus 2020 by clicking the pdf download button given in the last section of this article.  Now, without wasting any time have a look at Class 7 NCERT Syllabus for All Subjects.

JAC Board 7th Syllabus Mathematics

Mathematics (Maths) is a subject which deals in methodical and systematic application of matter. It boosts our memory power and analytical thinking. In spit of this, many students think it as a useless and boring subject. But, it is very important in our daily live, especially the basic concepts of it. So, we should not underestimate the topics of  Jharkhand Board Class 7 Maths Syllabus and learn all the concepts properly.

Mathematics Syllabus for JAC Board Class 7

  • Integers
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Data Handling
  • Simple Equations
  • Lines and Angles
  • The Triangle and its Properties
  • Congruence of Triangles
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Rational Numbers
  • Practical Geometry
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Exponents and Powers
  • Symmetry
  • Visualising Solid Shapes

JAC Board 7th Syllabus Science

You all might have heard this word (SCIENCE) several times from your elders that this is a science. If you talk about anything, they will conclude you saying that there is science behind this. Science plays a very important role in our daily lives. We can’t even imagine our life without science. So, let’s jump into the topics covered in Jharkhand Board Class 7 Science NCERT Syllabus.

JAC Board 7th Science Syllabus

  • Nutrition in Plants
  • Nutrition in Animals
  • Fibre to Fabric
  • Heat
  • Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
  • Winds, Storms and Cyclones
  • Soil
  • Respiration in Organisms
  • Transportation in Animals and Plants
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Motion and Time
  • Electric Current and its Effects
  • Water: A Precious Resource
  • Forests: Our Lifeline
  • Wastewater Story

JAC Board 7th Syllabus Social Science (S.St.)

As the name suggests itself, Social Science is also a type of science which deals with the society and its individuals. It given us the knowledge of the past, present and future of the universe. It has many branches, but Jharkhand Board Class 7 Social Science NCERT Syllabus consists of mainly History, Geography, Political Science and Economics.

History NCERT Syllabus for Class 7 JAC

History: Our Pasts-II

  • Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years
  • New Kings and Kingdoms
  • The Delhi Sultans
  • The Mughal Empire
  • Rulers and Buildings
  • Towns, Traders and Craftspersons
  • Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
  • Devotional Paths to the Divine
  • The Making of Regional Cultures
  • Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

Class 7 Geography Syllabus

Geography: Our Environment

  • Environment
  • Inside Our Earth
  • Our Changing Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Human Environment- Settlement, Transport and Communication
  • Human Environment Interactions
    The Tropical and the Sub-tropical Region
  • Life in the Deserts

Social Science Class 7 NCERT Syllabus

Social and Political Life-II

Unit One: Equality in Indian Democracy
Chapter 1: On Equality

Unit Two: State Government
Chapter 2: Role of the Government in Health
Chapter 3: How the State Government Works

Unit Three: Gender
Chapter 4: Growing up as Boys and Girls
Chapter 5: Women Change the World

Unit Four: Media
Chapter 6: Understanding Media

Unit Five: Markets
Chapter 7: Markets Around Us
Chapter 8: A Shirt in the Market

Equality in Indian Democracy
Chapter 9: Struggles for Equality

JAC Board 7th Syllabus English Literature

As you all know that English is an International Language. So, if you learn to speak English fluently, you can communicate with other people throughout the world. NCERT has incorporated Jharkhand Board Class 7 English Syllabus so as to make you understand the concepts of this language properly and very easily.

JAC Board 7th Syllabus English

English Textbook HoneyComb

  • Three Questions
    The Squirrel
  • A Gift of Chappals
    The Rebel
  • Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
    The Shed
  • The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom
  • Quality
  • Expert Detectives
    Mystery of the Talking Fan
  • The Invention of Vita-Wonk
    Dad and the Cat and the Tree
  • Fire: Friend and Foe
    Meadow Surprises
  • A Bicycle in Good Repair
    Garden Snake
  • The Story of Cricket

Class 7th Syllabus English

An Alien Hand: Supplementary Reader

  • The Tiny Teacher
  • Bringing up Kari
  • The Desert
  • The Cop and the Anthem
  • Golu Grows a Nose
  • I Want Something in a Cage
  • Chandni
  • The Bear Story
  • A Tiger in the House
  • An Alien Hand

JAC Board 7th Syllabus Hindi

जैसा अभी मैंने आपको बताया कि अंग्रेजी एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय भाषा है, उसी प्रकार हिंदी हमारी राष्ट्रभाषा है. आप चाहें दुनिया के कितने भी भाषा सीख जाएं, अगर आप अपनी मातृभाषा नहीं जानते हैं, आप अधूरे ही हैं. इसलिए यह बहुत ही जरुरी है कि Jharkhand Board Class 7 Hindi NCERT Syllabus 2020 के साथ-साथ आप अपनी शब्दावली को भी मजबूत बनाएं.

Class 7 Hindi Syllabus for Jharkhand Board

हिंदी पाठ्यपुस्तक: वसंत भाग 2

  • हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के : शिवमंगल सिंह ‘सुमन’
  • दादी माँ : शिवप्रसाद सिंह
  • हिमालय की बेटियां : नागार्जुन
    फुले कदम्ब : नागार्जुन
  • कठपुतली : भवानीप्रसाद मिश्र
  • मिठाईवाला : भगवतीप्रसाद वाजपेयी
    फेरीवालों की आवाजें
  • रक्त और हमार शरीर : यतीश अग्रवाल
  • पापा खो गए : विजय तेंदुलकर
  • शाम – एक किसान : सर्वेश्वरदयाल सक्सेना
  • चिड़िया की बच्ची : जैनेन्द्र कुमार
  • अपूर्व अनुभव : तेत्सुको कुरियानागी
  • रहीम के दोहे : रहीम
  • कंचा : टी. पद्मनाभन
  • एक तिनका : अयोध्या सिंह उपाध्याय ‘हरिऔध’
  • खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर : प्रयाग शुक्ल
  • नीलकंठ : महादेवी वर्मा
  • भोर और बरखा : मीरा बाई
  • वीर कुंवर सिंह : विभागीय
  • संघर्ष के कारण मैं तुनुकमिजाज हो गया: धनराज :विनीता पाण्डेय
    हमारी ख्वाहिश : रामप्रसाद ‘बिस्मिल’
  • आश्रम का अनुमति व्यय : मोहनदास करमचंद गाँधी
  • विप्लव-गायन : बालकृष्ण शर्मा ‘नवीन’

Class 7 Hindi Syllabus NCERT

दूर्वा भाग 2 पूरक पाठ्यपुस्तक 

  • चिड़िया और चुरुन्गुन : हरिवंशराय बच्चन
  • सबसे सुन्दर लड़की : विष्णु प्रभाकर
  • मैं हूँ रोबोट : राजीव गर्ग
  • गुब्बारे पर चीता : प्रेमचंद
  • थोड़ी धरती पाऊं : सर्वेश्वरदयाल सक्सेना
  • गारो : संकलित
  • पुस्तकें जो अमर हैं : मनोज दास
  • काबुलीवाला : रविंद्रनाथ टैगोर
  • विश्वेश्वरैया : आर. के. मूर्ति
  • हम धरती के लाल : शील
  • पोंगल : संकलित
  • शहीद झलकारीबाई : संकलित
  • नृत्यांगना सुधा चंद्रन : रामाज्ञा तिवारी
  • पानी और धुप : सुभद्रा कुमारी चौहान
  • गीत : केदारनाथ अग्रवाल
  • मिटटी की मूर्तियाँ : जया विवेक
  • मौत का पहाड़ : गायत्री मदन दत्त (शब्द), राम वाईरकर (चित्र)
  • हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन : गिरिजा कुमार माथुर

JAC Board 7th Syllabus Sanskrit

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages of the world and we should be proud that this originated from India. It is regarded as the “Mother of All Languages”. So, we should also learn the same so that we can preserve our so-old heritage. Now, let’s have a look at Class 7 Sanskrit Syllabus for Jharkhand Board.

JAC Board Class 7 Sanskrit Syllabus

रुचिरा द्वितीयो भागः

  • सुभाषितानि
  • दुर्बुद्धिः विनश्यति
  • स्वावलम्बनम्
  • हास्यबालकविसम्मेलनम्
  • पंडिता रमाबाई
  • सदाचारः
  • संकल्पः सिद्धिदायकः
  • त्रिवर्णः ध्वजः
  • अहमपि विद्यालयं गमिष्यामि
  • विश्वबन्धुत्वम्
  • समवायो हि दुर्जयः
  • विद्याधनम्
  • अमृतं संस्कृतम्
  • अनारिकायाः जिज्ञासा
  • लालनगीतम्
  • वर्णविचारः, करकम्, शब्दरूपाणि धातुरूपाणि च

Conclusion: JAC Board 7th Syllabus 2020

So friends! This is the Complete NCERT Syllabus of Class 7 All Subjects. I hope this article might have helped you in your search for Jharkhand Board Class 7 NCERT Syllabus for Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

If you have any doubt/query regarding JAC Board 7th Syllabus All Subjects (NCERT), then feel free to comment it down. Also, if you want to get all the updates of Jharkhand Academic Council, then you can follow us; as JACBoard.com is the #1 Educational Portal for Jharkhand Board Exam Results, Syllabus & Study Material.

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