Jharkhand Board NCERT Syllabus for Class 8 All Subjects [PDF]

JAC Board 8th Syllabus All Subjects

JAC Board Class 8 NCERT Syllabus Science, Maths, Social Science, English, Hindi & Sanskrit 

Hi Students! Are you searching for JAC Board 8th Syllabus 2020? If yes, then you are at the right page. This is the All Subjects Jharkhand Board Class 8 NCERT Syllabus for Science, Maths, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

You might be knowing that Jharkhand Academic Council, JAC Board runs according to NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). So, the ‘Full Syllabus of Class 8‘ which I am going to tell you here is designed by NCERT. Also, you can check out my previous article JAC Board 9th Syllabus and Matric 10th Syllabus.

If you need, then you can also Download PDF of JAC Board 8th Syllabus 2020 by clicking the pdf download button given in the last section of this article.  Now, let’s jump into the main content of Class 8 NCERT Syllabus for All Subjects.

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Science

Science plays a very important in our life. We can’t even imagine human life without science. Everything in this universe is someway linked to science. So, we should learn all the concepts of Jharkhand Board NCERT Syllabus for Class 8 Science, so that we can correlate those things in our surroundings.

NCERT Science Syllabus for Class 8

  • Crop Production and Management
  • Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
  • Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  • Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
  • Coal and Petroleum
  • Combustion and Flame
  • Conservation of Plants and Animals
  • Cell- Structure and Functions
  • Reproduction in Animals
  • Reaching the Age of Adolescence
  • Force and Pressure
  • Friction
  • Sound
  • Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Some Natural Phenomena
  • Light
  • Stars and the Solar System
  • Pollution of Air and Water

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Mathematics (NCERT)

Most of the students face difficulty in understanding the concepts of mathematics and they think that it is not so important in their life. But, it is a methodical and systematic application of matter. To enhance your memory calculation power, you must learn at least the basics of “Jharkhand Board Class 8 Mathematics NCERT Syllabus“.

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Maths

  • Rational Numbers
  • Linear Equations in One Variable
  • Understanding Quadrilaterals
  • Practical Geometry
  • Data Handling
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Comparing Quantities
  • Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  • Visualising Solid Spheres
  • Mensuration
  • Exponents and Powers
  • Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Factorisation
  • Introduction to Graphs
  • Playing with Numbers

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Social Science

Social Science deals with the evolution of society and the lifestyle of the individuals. It gives you an overall understanding about the past, present and the future, actually how people exist on the Earth. It has many branches, but Jharkhand Board Class 8 Social Science NCERT Syllabus consists of mainly History, Geogprahy, Civics and Economics.

Class 8 History NCERT Syllabus

History: Our Pasts-III

  • How, When and Where
  • From Trade to Territory: The Company Establishes Power
  • Ruling the Countryside
  • Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
  • When People Rebel 1857 and After
  • Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
  • Civilising the “Nature”, Educating the Nation
  • Women, Caste and Reform
  • The Making of the National Movement: 1870s-1947
  • India After Independence

Jharkhand Board Geography Syllabus Class 8

Geography: Resource and Development

  • Resources
  • Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
  • Minerals and Power Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Human Resources

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Political Science

Civics & Economics: Social and Political Life

Unit One: The Indian Constitution and Secularism
Chapter 1: The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2: Understanding Secularism

Unit Two: Parliament and The Making of Laws
Chapter 3: Why do we need a Parliament?
Chapter 4: Understanding Laws

Unit Three : The Judiciary
Chapter 5: Judiciary
Chapter 6: Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

Unit Four: Social Justice and The Marginalised
Chapter 7: Understanding Marginalisation
Chapter 8: Confronting Marginalisation

Unit Five: Economic Presence of the Government
Chapter 8: Public Facilities
Chapter 10: Law and Social Justice

JAC Board 8th Syllabus English

You all know that a language is the only medium to communicate with others. English is an International Language, so if you learn to speak English you will be able to communicate with people all around the world. NCERT has also incorporated some amazing piece of English literature in 2020 Jharkhand Board Class 8 English Syllabus.

Class 8 English Syllabus JAC Board

Honeydew English Textbook

  • The Best Christmas Present in the World
    The Ant and the Cricket
  • Te Tsunami
    Geography Lesson
  • Glimpses of the Past
    Macavity: The Mystery Cate
  • Bipin Choudhary’s Lapse of Memory
    The Last Bargain
  • The Summit Within
    The School Boy
  • This is Jody’s Fawn
  • A Visit to Cambridge
    When I set out for Lyonnesse
  • A Short Monsoon Diary
    On the Grasshopper and Cricket
  • The Great Stone Face-I
  • The Great Stone Face-II

JAC Board 8th Syllabus English

It So Happened… Supplementary Reader

  • How the Camel got his hump
  • Children at Work
  • The Selfish Giant
  • The Treasure within
  • Princess September
  • The Fight
  • The Open Window
  • Jalebis
  • The Comet – I
  • The Comet – II
  • Ancient Education System of India

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Hindi

जिस प्रकार अंग्रेजी एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय भाषा है, उसी तरह हिंदी हमारी राष्ट्रभाषा है. आप चाहें दुनिया के कितने भी भाषा सीख जाएं, अगर आप अपनी मातृभाषा नहीं जानते हैं, आप अधूरे ही हैं. इसलिए यह बहुत ही जरुरी है कि Jharkhand Board Class 8 Hindi NCERT Syllabus 2020 के साथ-साथ आप अपनी शब्दावली को ही मजबूत बनाएं.

Class 8 NCERT Syllabus Hindi

वसंत भाग 3 : हिंदी पाठ्यपुस्तक 

  • ध्वनि : सूर्यकान्त त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’
  • लाख की चूड़ियाँ : कामतानाथ
  • बस की यात्रा : हरिशंकर परसाई
  • दीवानों की हस्ती : भगवतीचरण वर्मा
  • चिट्ठियों की अनूठी दुनिया : अरविन्द कुमार सिंह
    चिट्ठियां : रामदरश मिश्र
  • भगवान के डाकिये : रामधारी सिंह ‘दिनकर’
    कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा : अटल बिहारी बाजपेयी
  • क्या निराश हुआ जाए : हजारी प्रसाद द्विवेदी
  • यह सबसे कठिन समय नहीं : जाया जादवानी
    पहाड़ से ऊँचा आदमी : सुभाष गाताडे
  • कबीर की सखियाँ : कबीर
  • कामचोर : इस्मत चुगताई
  • जब सिनेमा ने बोलना सीखा : प्रदीप तिवारी
    कंप्यूटर गाएगा गीत : ऋत्विक घटक
  • सुदामा चरित : नरोत्तमदास
  • जहाँ पहिया है : पी. साईनाथ
    पिता के बाद : मुक्ता
  • अकबरी लोटा : अन्न्पुर्नानंद वर्मा
  • सूर के पद : सूरदास
  • पानी की कहानी : रामचंद्र तिवारी
    हम पृथ्वी की संतान : प्रभु नारायण
  • बाज और सांप : निर्मल वर्मा
  • टोपी : सृंजय

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Hindi

दूर्वा: पूरक पाठ्यपुस्तक 

  • गुडिया : कुंवर नारायण
  • दो गौरैया : भीष्म साहनी
  • चिट्ठियों में यूरोप : सोमदत्त
  • ओस : सोहनलाल द्विवेदी
  • नाटक में नाटक : मंगल सक्सेना
  • सागर यात्रा : कर्नल टी.सी.एस. चौधरी
  • उठ किसान ओ : त्रिलोचन
  • सस्ते का चक्कर : सूर्यबाला
  • एक खिलाडी की कुछ यादें : केशवदत्त
  • बस की सैर : वल्ली कानन
  • हिंदी ने जिनकी जिंदगी बदल दी : जय प्रकाश पाण्डेय
  • आषाढ़ का पहला दिन : भवानी प्रसाद मिश्र
  • अन्याय के खिलाफ : चकमक से
  • बच्चों के प्रिय श्री केशव शंकर पिल्लै : आशा रानी व्होरा
  • फर्श पर : निर्मला गर्ग
  • बूढी अम्मा की बात : संकलित
  • वह सुबह कभी तो आएगी : सलमा
  • आओ पत्रिका निकालें : सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना
  • आह्वान : अशफाक उल्ला खां

JAC Board 8th Syllabus Sanskrit

Sanskrit is regarded as the ‘Mother of All Languages’. It is a language of ancient India with a 3,500-year history. So, let’s jump into Jharkhand Board Class 8 Sanskrit NCERT Syllabus and learn the language of all ancestors.

Jharkhand Board Class 8 Sanskrit Syllabus

रुचिरा तृतीयो भागः

  • सुभाषितानि
  • बिलस्य वाणी न कदापि मे श्रुता
  • डिजीभारतम्
  • सदैव पुरतो निधेहि चरणम्
  • कंटकेनैव कंटकम्
  • गृहं शून्यं सुतां विना
  • भारतजनताहम्
  • संसारसागरस्य नायका:
  • सप्तभगिन्य:
  • नीति नवनीतम्
  • सावित्री बाई फुले
  • कः रक्षित कः रक्षित:
  • क्षित्रौ राजते भारतस्वर्णभूमि:
  • आर्यभट:
  • प्रहेलिका:
  • संधिः, करकम्, शब्दरूपाणि धातुरूपाणि च

Conclusion: JAC Board 8th Syllabus 2020

So students! This is the Complete NCERT Syllabus of Class 8 All Subjects. I hope this article might have helped you in you search for Jharkhand Board Class 8 NCERT Syllabus for Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

If you have any doubt/query regarding JAC Board 8th Syllabus All Subjects (NCERT), then feel free to comment it down. Also, if you want to get all the updates of Jharkhand Academic Council, then you can follow us; as JACBoard.com is the #1 Educational Portal for Jharkhand Board Exam Results, Syllabus & Study Material.

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